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Randy Turner

Dark matter IS the fabric of space:
At some point in time pure energy is injected into the universe, science refers to this as The Big Bang, to give readers an easy understanding of what happens I will use condensing of gases to give you a batter image of what Dark matter is and what it is doing to energy to form matter, energy is condensed by dark matter/gravity, this crushes protons and neutrons together, as they are forced together, electrons form a field around the nucleus of the atom, atoms combine to form matter, imagine gases being condensed to form a liquid, this same type of process is taking place to form matter from energy as dark matter condenses it .
In the beginning either energy was forced into the universe which was filled with dark matter or the universe began as pure energy and dark matter enveloped the energy compressing it into matter.
Dark matter seems to remain constant not increasing or decreasing in mass while energy continues to be injected into the universe which creates gravity waves, these gravity waves are created as energy is forced into the universe, you can imagine a supernova actually being this process in action and not created by imploding stars, as energy increases within the condensing process reducing the size of atoms, we are literally being squeezed, I know some of you are thinking this could be measured but not as you may think due to everything being relative, as atoms are reduced in size all matter is also reduced/condensed, so let’s say the earth is reduced in size by this process as atoms are squeezed smaller and smaller your measuring equipment also becomes reduced in size, you would not notice it because (everything) has changed in size, the earth, moon and sun all reduce in size along with your ruler so everything is relative making measuring this only possible by the distance between stellar bodies.
Measuring the process:
Measure the atom being squeezed is only noticed as dark matter/space increases distances between stellar bodies, you will also notice the distance between the moon, earth and sun and other stellar bodies become further from one another and can be measured today.
Gravity should increase and life would have to adapt to heavier gravity, even though everything is relative as the atom is squeezed I see life forms becoming smaller in the future comparative to the mass of the earth to compensate for the stronger gravity upon the atoms.

The future of the universe:
1. I theorize Energy will continue to fill the universe with dark matter condensing the atoms until it reaches a critical point wherein another big bang will occur tearing the fabric of space/dark matter, possibly expanding the universe, reducing the strength of gravity and the density of dark matter, this would reduce the gravity effect as pressure on the atom is reduced.

Randy Turner

Lori Lamothe

Thanks for posting my poem.

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