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Joyce Goldenstern

Thank you for fixing my submission so quickly! I really appreciate the correction and am happy with your attention to this matter. I will now spend some time enjoying the issue and linking others to it.

Joyce Goldenstern

I am quite upset that my poem "e-heaven" was not published in its entirety in your summer issue. You failed to publish the ending. I sent you two e-mails about this after getting the page proofs to review and you failed to follow up. The complete poem was submitted on Submittable though the file did introduce some extra space that I was not aware of when I submitted, and so probably initially caused the confusion. I appreciate your gesture of showing contributors the page proofs, but would appreciate the gesture more if you had responded to the feedback (i.e. my complete poem) that I provided. I would like the correction made within the next week on the PDF and the website. In the future, you might also consider informing contributors when you go live with their work. I just checked on my own today and found the incomplete poem. For the third time, then, here is the ending to "e-heaven." You can also find it on my original submission and in two e-mails that I sent you:

"This, of course, is only a proposal in rough draft form. It needs fine tuning. It awaits observational or experimental validation. No doubt someone will find holes in my science though I have never claimed, and will never claim, to be a scientist, only a pilgrim who has read Einstein for Dummies and who has been intrigued by Schroeder’s cat, as well as unified and string theory, all of whom or which I must credit in part for my proposal. I would also like to thank the ancient Egyptians, who unlike the Greeks (whose Hades was all shadow, not light) believed that heaven would be like Earth, only better: the wheat crops would never fail, the light would shine very brightly, our love would abide."

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